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Are You An Original?
How often do you spend your time and energy on discovering your very own sound, color, dynamics, and the true connection to your own voice? That takes courage, commitment, and fighting your inhibitions. It’s about learning how to bring your own experiences of the emotional content to the words you sing, even if it isn’t […]
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Wrapping Up Unsettled Business
Have you ever thought about the importance of healing old wounds by figuring out what unfinished business you refuse to settle? Might it help your focus, perhaps even allow you to perform more often at your best? How about keeping the Brat quiet? Could it be you can feel more confident so you can be […]
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Happy 2019!! Time to Claim Your Victory
An important part of having a career is learning to be realistic and honest about your ability to create not just a sell-able product, but to also create a system that works just for you, to accomplish it. You might start this process with what someone else suggests or what you have read in a […]
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Taking The Long View
What does this mean and why should I be interested in spending my key resources of time, energy and money doing it? Good question! My answer is, you are responsible for owning how you do what you do. Facts get you into the game by letting you know what the game is, and what the […]
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YOUR Vocal Technique – Thinking or Imagination? Would It Make a Difference?
How often do you practice, start an audition, or performance with thoughts of what not to do? Focusing on what we lack never leads to the kind of flow essential for a great practicing or performance. It does, however, lead to a sense of inadequacy and insecurity. That distracting, unkind chatter we often do in […]
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Give Up The Fixed Mindset
People with a fixed mindset think their talents and intelligence are simply fixed traits, and that talent alone creates success — without effort. They’re wrong.  It takes making lots of mistakes and failing over and over again until you can tease out a kernel of something that rings like truth and comes from deep within. Getting to […]
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After The Audition – What do YOU do?
What is your routine, follow-up, or strategy after the audition? What? You say you don’t have one or have never really thought it might be an important step in understanding why you did or did not get a job? Or perhaps give you new information about how you might make adjustments or improve any part […]
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Time to Give Up Toxic Dream Stealers & The Need to Be Liked.
You have 3 basic resources at your disposal; Time, Energy, and Money! The most important one of those is not the time you spend, but how you spend your energy during that time period. Often your energy is spent on people who are less accomplished in their personal and professional lives and those that you […]
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