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ARIA READY: The Business of Singing (2nd Edition)

In an economy that offers little hope of traditional lifelong jobs, the lure of fame and having a successful career as a singer pulls at the hearts of many who have been told they have a great voice. How do they go from internet sensation to stardom? CAROL KIRKPATRICK, in her book, Aria Ready: The Business of Singing, identifies the key building blocks of a successful career, and shows how to develop both the necessary personal and business skills that all judges find in “the winner.”

Carol Kirkpatrick's ARIA READY: The Business of Singing is a remarkable book filled with tremendous insight, humor, and real world advice that is easily accessible, immediately practical, and frankly indispensable. I consider it to be essential reading for all singers, and I am thankful that Carol's voice continues to be such a prominent one in our industry.

James Marvel, Stage Director

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"My most compelling reason for writing this book was to help today's emerging young singers minimize their fear of the unknown, as well as any heartache they might have from missed opportunities that would come from not having a personal roadmap to follow on their journey to becoming a professional singer." — Carol Kirkpatrick

You are the product, the company, and the person who manages your business, so it is your responsibility to learn how to weave these parts together into a successful venture, learning how best to utilize your time, energy, and money in building your career. Developing a solid foundation, beginning with the product (you, the performer) is the first and most important part of the process.

Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you believe in? How can you get out of your own way to get to where you want to go? Change is inevitable, so what tools and skills do you need to help you clear your path to living your dream?

It's time to transform yourself for success. Because no two people are internally wired in exactly the same way, it follows that there is no one particular method or specific path towards building a professional singing career. Figuring out how YOU work best, as you tackle what lies ahead on your career path, increases your chances of successfully reaching your goals and liberating the artist within. Presenting and representing your Personal Brand transforms both your professional and personal life, allowing you to become a passionate communicator both on- and offstage.

The amount of growth you will experience depends on how much you are willing to fully participate in each activity. So give yourself the gift learning Carol Kirkpatrick's winning combination for building the career you’ve been dreaming of.

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As Mathew Epstein so eloquently said in his forward to Aria Ready:

…The vocal study, artistic decisions, self-discipline, teaching, marketing and audition process are all carefully analyzed and detailed advice is given on a wide range of crucial matters, in the complex and often confusing progression needed to arrive at a professional career in classical singing. Our field is very old-fashioned in its personal requirements, not, surely, a path of instant gratification and this book shows very powerfully the needs of patience, hard work, and self-assessment required for the beginning of a career…

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