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The Buzzz

Discussions with industry leaders on success as a modern opera singer.
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The Buzzz... Interview with Susannah Biller
May 3rd, 2015

A conversation between Carol Kirkpatrick and Susannah Biller at Carol’s voice studio in Denver CO, after Ms. Biller’s debut as Marie in The Daughter of the Regiment for Arizona Opera in April of 2015, discussing topics such as mentorship and having your personal "Board of Directors," learning music, preparation, how to choose a good agent, and general life as a traveling opera singer.

Topics: collaboration, mentors, preparation, voice teachers, working with coaches

The Buzzz... Interview with Alexandra LoBianco
May 4th, 2014

A conversation between Carol Kirkpatrick and Alexandra “Lexi” LoBianco after her Premier as Magda in The Consul by Menotti at Opera Santa Barbara in April of 2014, discussing the mentality of being a professional singer, trusting yourself and vocal technique, role models, and how to take risks while keeping yourself on the edge of the emotional expression.

Topics: consistency, mentors, singer mentality, the process, vocal technique

The Buzzz... Jose Maria Condemi Interview
February 25th, 2013

Conversation between Carol Kirkpatrick and Jose Maria Condemi recorded outside the Santa Barbara Opera, discussing topics such as how operas are cast, maintaining professionalism, how to form an emotional connection with an aria, emotional expression and how to bring out the character, and asking "Why?"

Topics: acting, auditions, business of opera, casting, emotional connection, professionalism