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Happy 2019!! Time to Claim Your Victory

An important part of having a career is learning to be realistic and honest about your ability to create not just a sell-able product, but to also create a system that works just for you, to accomplish it. You might start this process with what someone else suggests or what you have read in a book, etc., but by creating your very own individualized goals and understanding how you work best, it’s much easier to put into operation your plan of action on your own doable timeline with the appropriate amount of tasks that don’t make it feel overwhelming or un-doable. This helps allow for a well-formed outcome that fulfills your goals.

This is just a process like anything else. It has a beginning – middle – end. And here is the reality of it all: a plan of action is simply a way to check in from time to time (usually daily) to see if you are moving in the direction you want to be going at your own pace. Then it’s easy to measure your success by looking at your results, the outcome, of what you have just accomplished. Then it’s time to either adjust to keep on track or continue on as is.

Food for Thought:

  1. Be very specific and crystal clear about what you want. Find the connection mentally, emotionally and physically both inside and out. When you have a match, move on.
  2. Express you goals positively. (Never say what you don’t want to happen.)
  3. Once you have your positive goals in mind, write them down. While the mind is blessed with permanent memory, we are all cursed with lousy recall. These goals don’t have to be in any order.

Next step is to work through deciding if a goal is really what you want just because it looks like it will take you where you want to go next.

Give this exercise a go:

  • List just one small goal – Say…learning a new piece of music.
  • Mind map or list everything that could possibly prevent you from achieving this goal.
  • Now mind map or list all the benefits you would gain from achieving this goal. (List everything, including time, energy and money that will be involved in this process, plus all the sacrifices that you can anticipate having to make.)

Once you’ve written down absolutely everything you can think of, ask yourself this question… “IS THIS WORTH DOING?”

If the answer is yes, start the process!

If the answer is no: you need to go back to the drawing board!

This will help you find what is realistic and what is in line with your talent. Figure out how much you are willing to let go of your unrealistic goals and dreams, and find your real niche.


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