How often do you spend your time and energy on discovering your very own sound, color, dynamics and the true connection to your own voice? That takes courage, commitment and fighting your inhibitions. It’s about learning how to bring your own experiences of the emotional content to the words you sing, even if it isn’t a story told in our current time frame.

Sure, in the beginning, one must focus a lot on learning one skill at a time to secure a solid vocal technique. That’s the given. But there comes a time when it all comes together in one extraordinary experience of feeling the deep emotions inside the music and words and unlocking them for the listener. For singers, we have the joy of portraying a character, living in his/her skin through the emotional intention of the words that then comes through the sound of the voice. What a thrill it is to take your audience on a journey they didn’t expect and which catches them off guard as they become totally caught up in the emotions and story you are building through that character. You are now able to trust your technique, as you integrate your particular experiences in such a way that you are able to reveal the beauty, the horror, the fear, the craziness of your character that your audience has probably never heard before, because it is you, from deep in your soul, believing in the journey your character is taking. So, when you are ready technically, release the music through the words that are inside you and allow it to inspire others to demand more of that. And at this stage, continually give yourself permission to create that balance of technique, words, sound, and story. Allow your character to continue to grow and mature as you move forward.

That will make you an original.

Avanti!! And Happy New Year!


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