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YOUR Vocal Technique – Thinking or Imagination? Would It Make a Difference?

How often do you practice, start an audition, or performance with thoughts of what not to do? Focusing on what we lack never leads to the kind of flow essential for a great practicing or performance. It does, however, lead to a sense of inadequacy and insecurity. That distracting, unkind chatter we often do in our heads in the second person, replaces what is holistic, natural and intuitive in making sound.

I would like you to consider a new thought process before engaging in singing. Did you know that any mental process or “thoughts” interrupts the breath flow essential for vocal performance? Our thinking brain is a lovely tool, but it doesn’t know how to sing. When we think thoughts in words, we tend to hold our breath and squeeze the top of our throat in doing so. The mind cannot be in “thinking” mode and “creative” mode simultaneously. Creativity is blocked completely in a sincere attempt to give a performance that can be described with words such as “good” and “correct”. Becoming aware of what is going on the in the mind—without judgment—is the first step towards the transformation of vocal ability.

What if you thought of singing as “experiential” and “in an imaginary world you made up”, rather than a restricting concept? What if you got into your imagination and saw singing as painting a phrase in one big, beautiful brush stroke? The singing voice becomes free when imagery replaces mechanics. It’s not so much about WHAT you are learning but more about HOW you are applying what you are learning. It’s yours to own. Being present, instead of in your thinking brain, allows for spontaneity, focus and confidence, thus allowing for beautiful sound and the freedom for great storytelling. Avanti!

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