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Taking The Long View

What does this mean and why should I be interested in spending my key resources of time, energy and money doing it?

Good question!

My answer is, you are responsible for owning how you do what you do. Facts get you into the game by letting you know what the game is, and what the rules are. However, if you don’t know HOW the game is actually played, it’s hard to make a choice whether you want to play or not. It’s learning to create balance in your life. That means everything from finding practice time, so it can actually be beneficial, to learning how to make "down time" just that, and being able to quiet your mind, to learning how to adjust to changes in your primary relationship so everyone is on the same page and happy about it.

Taking the long view means being able to make better choices along the way for yourself because you are not just stumbling into what comes next, but are looking towards the future to see, feel, and be that which you imagine. This will unleash your imagination and resourcefulness and will allow you to become and remain curious and flexible, as well as consciously aware of How you do What you do.

So, the next time someone asks you to “tell me about yourself”, you are prepared to know the general flow of the short story you want to tell and feel confident in doing so. That’s just one example. If want to know more about how this works, contact me through my web site. Avanti!

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