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Performance Anxiety
As a singer, performing was what I lived for. I loved being the character and telling the story by becoming part of it. I felt as if I were the one making the music happen and making the story unfold. I felt totally immersed in the emotional movement of the music and story; that my […]
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The Heart Connection
In today's modern Western world many of us seem to have lost touch with that aesthetic, insightful part of ourselves, our "gut level" or heart feeling. It's been noted by many of today's prominent Medical Doctors and Scientists, that we, in the Western world, have become preoccupied with living in our heads. In fact most […]
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Know Thyself or "What is NLP?"
Our most important objective, whether singer, teacher, coach, composer, administrator, lyricist, conductor, stage director, stage manager, etc, is our ability to communicate effectively, both on stage and off. This objective encompasses our relationships with each other, the characters we portray onstage, and most importantly the one we have with ourselves. Yes, we do spend a […]
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What's in a Name? What's Your Brand?
What is your favorite brand name product? When you think of that brand, is it a slogan, logo, color, size, shape, name or price or a combination of these that makes you like it and want to buy? Or perhaps it is the personality selling the product that influences you. What are your favorite brands […]
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Stop Spinning Your Wheels - Start Setting Yourself in Motion!
I've noticed that so many singers today burn out before they even begin their careers. We lose some really great voices before they even begin because they simply give up. They get tired of trying to figure out how to get their foot in the door that will really take them to the next step […]
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You - Me- Us, Primary Relationships and Your Singing Career
Sam met Judith at a party thrown by mutual friends at their apartment. She was interesting, smart, cute, challenging, and talented according to his friends and he felt he had known her all his life. She, he found out the next day from his friends, was interested in getting to know him better as well. […]
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Conquor Stress / Realize Dreams
What happens to your mindset when you think about trying to incorporate the tasks and goals that need to be done for your singing career into your everyday schedule? Do you feel frustrated, overtired, overworked, overstretched emotionally, and overwhelmed? Do you beat yourself up a little and look only at your weaknesses and failings? Or […]
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Expanding Your Comfort Zone
What do you dream of achieving not only in your professional singing career, but in life in general? In your wildest imagination what do you see yourself doing? Now, what is standing between you and the realization of that dream? There are so many reasons and excuses we use for not pursuing our dreams. Sometimes […]
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Premiere Issue, January 2005
How many of you have already made your proverbial New Year's Resolutions and plan to start them when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2004 as we welcome in 2005? Raise your hands. How many of you plan to follow through with your resolutions for more than, oh, say a week or two? Raise […]
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