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Ownership: Being Accountable for Growing Your Talent & Career
Once upon a time……. That is often the way many of us think at the beginning of this singing and career process. The journey usually begins with having some amount of talent that those closest to us might think astounding and worthy of a world career. This dream is further embellished in our own fantasy […]
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This New Year’s Agenda! Do The Job and Become The Fierce Warrior
How much of a real commitment have you made to getting the job done when it comes to working with an agenda when you practice, perform, audition, or even think about music and the industry of performance? I venture to guess that it is in reality more of a wish or want rather than a […]
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Who’s In Charge In There?
Renunciation – rejection – repudiation – abandonment – denial; these are very powerful words that often accompany how we feel inside after an audition that might not have gone as well as expected. Or perhaps you presented an amazing audition but still didn’t get the job or win the competition and start questioning what happened; […]
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Emotions - Know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.
How often do you get all caught up in some emotion without even noticing that it is happening or what that particular emotion is? We all do this because we as humans, experience life through our senses, which in turn evoke and are attached to our feelings, our emotions. That is the beauty of being […]
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Modeling or Imitating?
Which Method Do You Use and How Does That Work For You? Modeling – figure out exactly how something is done and practice only that model. That means you can’t stop to fix what you just think you did wrong and then continue to do this over and over again. When you feel yourself moving […]
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STRESS – Mind / Spirit & Body / Form
How heavy is a glass of water? If you hold it in your hand with your arm outstretched for a minute, that’s doable. However, if you had to hold it in that exact position for an hour or a whole day, that would be a whole different animal. I personally couldn’t do it. It’s not […]
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A Gentle Invitation
Your world has changed especially if you were involved in a structured summer program or created one for yourself! You can’t escape the chaos that seems to have invaded your world now that you have settled back into your routine. It’s hard to keep a clear perspective because your newly learned skills and tools will […]
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The Power of Abstract Thoughts!
  How does the power of abstract thoughts concern me the singer? What is important for me to understand about this subject? Two very good questions! Here are some facts, thoughts and suggestions I would like you to consider. As you may remember I often say “thoughts are things” so we have to be careful […]
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The Heart Connection
In today's modern Western world many of us seem to have lost touch with that aesthetic, insightful part of ourselves, our "gut level" or heart feeling. It's been noted by many of today's prominent Medical Doctors and Scientists, that we, in the Western world, have become preoccupied with living in our heads. In fact most […]
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