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The Essence of Time
There are so many people out there telling us how to best control, invest, and spend our money, but one rarely hears about how to control, invest and spend our 24 hours each day; how to actually live on 24 hours a day. The supply of time is a miracle when you think about it. […]
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Getting Your Foot in the Door at the Local Level
Have you run into this type of situation in your own community? There is a group that puts on a full production every year and you would love to have the opportunity to sing a complete role with them. However each time you audition, you not only, never get offered a role, but you never […]
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How and Why to Choose Singing Jobs
WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS! "Pointers on how and why to choose singing jobs." Have you noticed that often when you have done the work and start getting job offers, many other great opportunities seem to show up as well? As the saying goes, "When it rains it pours". You want to take them all […]
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Audition Techniques
Susan was a little late, but ready for the audition. She was in great vocal shape; she had her interpretation down and felt she had created a great overall package to present when she sang for the people at the audition. As she entered the waiting area, she stopped to say hello and chat with […]
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Re-entering the Performance Arena
Have you taken a hiatus from your singing career and now want to get back into the game? Do you know what the game is, what the rules are, and how the game is played? Only then can you make a clear and conscious choice about re-entering the performance arena. Many singers put the brakes […]
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