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It's a Brand New Day, a Brand New Year! So, What Do You Plan to Do With It?
You have spent your time, energy and money on preparing your voice, performance skills and music; your product. How much time, energy and money have you spent on setting up your business to sell your product? Let me say that another way, yes, if you are interested in having a singing career, a beautiful voice […]
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Procrastination - the Universal Equalizer
Procrastination is an extremely versatile phenomenon. It does not discriminate: it is practiced by both sexes, and is cross-cultural, observed in all ethnicities and religions-a sort of one-size-fits-all force with which we all have at least a passing familiarity, and all participate in to one extent or another. It is also a uniquely human condition. […]
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Expanding Your Comfort Zone
What do you dream of achieving not only in your professional singing career, but in life in general? In your wildest imagination what do you see yourself doing? Now, what is standing between you and the realization of that dream? There are so many reasons and excuses we use for not pursuing our dreams. Sometimes […]
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Creating Goals and Taking Action
Last month we talked about the different traits or patterns of behavior that motivate us. I would like to tell you a personal story that illustrates how this works. Once, when visiting Mexico with my children, I had an amazing experience. We were at a beach where the ocean was very rough and big waves […]
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Premiere Issue, January 2005
How many of you have already made your proverbial New Year's Resolutions and plan to start them when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2004 as we welcome in 2005? Raise your hands. How many of you plan to follow through with your resolutions for more than, oh, say a week or two? Raise […]
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