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Your Personal Brand – "Upping the Ante"

Want to “up the ante” for building your personal brand? Do you ever notice another performer’s personal brand and if so, what do you notice about how and why it is noticeable. Most professionals who are good at what they do have a lot of traits that most people miss.

Let’s start with this: most smart professionals think of what they do as a business, which means it’s just a job, it isn’t personal or emotional. This means they have an adaptable plan of action in place, so they can continually make the best decisions for moving forward on their career paths. They are interested in delivering a great product and services that will make those that hired them or would like to hire them look important in the public’s eyes. That means a solid vocal technique and great storytelling abilities. Someone who is consistent in their work ethics, acts professionally at all times, self-manages the delivery of their product responsibly within the available time frame and budget by being thoroughly prepared before they show up, are flexible and accommodating when necessary, and understand that to the company they are working for, time is money. And again, they are very interested in doing their best to deliver a product that will help the success of said company.

How can you, the artist, create an incentive to be rehired? A professional singer is interested in building trust between management and themselves. While there is no one way, path or method that works for everyone, I’ve already mentioned the key behavioral ingredients. It’s up to you to find what works for you as you move into this world of opera. Keep in mind those that do the hiring are always asking the question, “What’s in it for us as a company?” Even before they contract you they ask themselves, “Will this person add value to our company.” Plus during the production recap, they again ask, “Did this person add value to our company?”, thus closing the circle of, “What’s in it for us?”

It’s about creating a personalized system that can respond to change in a way that builds a solid foundation and structure for you to realize your goals and needs. You have to respect and trust yourself to get to where you want to be. Mistakes and failures are going to be in the mix so expect them. They stay failures or mistakes ONLY if you don’t take the time to find the lesson within each one as you polish and apply what you have learned going forward.

All of the above help in the construction of your personal brand. It makes you stronger and more confident. And remember, that no matter how prepared you are, not everyone is going to like or agree with you or appreciate you or your talent. But that is life and the quicker you realize that, “what you think of me if none of my business”, the more you can let go of trying to please others and you will find you can truly and happily be yourself which is your personal brand. It is a lifelong journey that requires preparation, improvement and practice. Reaching the goal is not half as much fun or satisfying as the journey. So avanti and ciao until next time. Carol

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