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Who’s In Charge In There?
Renunciation – rejection – repudiation – abandonment – denial; these are very powerful words that often accompany how we feel inside after an audition that might not have gone as well as expected. Or perhaps you presented an amazing audition but still didn’t get the job or win the competition and start questioning what happened; […]
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Much has changed in the world of management since I began my singing career. At that time there were fewer independent managers and agents. Management was basically handled by the big well known companies, some of which are still around today and their concept of dealing with a young unknown and untested singer was very […]
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Start the New Year 2010 with a Bang
Most auditions are over for the time being – we are back from the Holidays and this period of time can often culminate in either becoming critical and down on ourselves for all the mistakes, failures and lost opportunities we incurred over the past year or it can become the time for constructive introspection as […]
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Do You Care Too Much?
As everyone knows, audition season is upon us. Are you ready? And really, what does that mean? There are so many theories out there about how to deal with the stress, anxiety and fear often times associated with the actual doing of this process. I want to throw my hat into the ring with some […]
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The Aftermath of Auditioning: Rejection / Choice
The life of a performer can be exciting, rewarding and encouraging. It involves lots of preparation for becoming a contender as performer, and also requires you to know the person inside the singer well so you can confidently present and represent your Personal Brand when it comes time to sell your product especially in an […]
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Audition Strategy and Tactics
Auditions can be the most harrowing part of your career. I can appreciate your doubts and insecurities because I have been there myself. There are many unpredictable emotional and psychological aspects of ones self that seem to rear their ugly heads no matter how prepared you feel you are for such an event. I hope […]
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The Full Measure of Your Potential! How To Be A Winner
Would your life be different if you were treated daily by others and yourself, as if you lived up to the full measure of your potential not only as a singer, but as a whole human? What would that look, feel and sound like to you? Our country has spent several decades "dumbing down" all […]
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The Audition Process
Because I have recently adjudicated several competitions in succession, this subject is heavy on my mind. There are so many different aspects, of being comfortable and prepared for each and every audition, that most singers don't even seem to be aware of. Of course there is the obvious. You have to gather the information about […]
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Is This a Miracle or a Well Deserved Outcome?
Nathan got the call that he had made the finals of the Met Auditions which would take place in NYC in April. He immediately thought to himself, "This is a miracle!" and then started worrying that maybe he wasn't really ready for this level of competition. It then occurred to him that he had actually […]
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