Are you doing the same things over and over hoping that your luck will change and what you have done up to now will get you to where you want to go on your career path? News Alert: What it will get you is what it has always gotten you! It’s time to step up the game plan and stop taking the rejection personally. It’s just business and the quicker you turn your attention to that fact, the quicker your luck will magically begin to change.

Creating a strategy with well thought through tactics for moving you up a notch on the ladder of success is a process that requires sacrifice, grit, focus and dedication. And that means working it each and every day in all aspects of your business – practicing mindfully, learning new roles and doing so by working hours at the piano with getting the melodies first into your ear and then into your voice, phrase by phrase. Then there is the tedious, boring work of translating each and every word into English so you truly become one with the character. You have to understand why your character is saying what she/he is saying, and to whom it is said and why. And this also helps inform your response and sharpens your on-stage listening skills to the other characters. Finding appropriate places to audition and having all your materials at the ready so when you find something that seems like a fit, all is ready to send off. Then you must have a reliable method of keeping track of all your correspondence. Whom do you have in mind when it comes to asking for letters of recommendation? Have these folks been given the proper amount of time to then give you a letter of recommendation, because they have busy lives as well. How good are you at working your tactics as you move forward.

Don’t ever skip a step – always move from step A to B, etc. There are no shortcuts. It’s a business and you are it. Part of becoming a professional artist is doing and keeping up with all that boring, tedious work along the way. It helps make you a professional.

Successful people know that making these small continual steps will build improvements that will compound over time, and give the desirable results. That’s means working on and performing all aspects of what the path of your career demands in a focused, passionate, and committed time frame each day. It means not getting caught up in the process or the minutiae but ever keeping an eye on the big picture, your intention, your objective for the day, so that at the end of every week you see, feel, hear, taste and smell, the movement toward success.

And the notion of overnight success is very misleading and actually rather harmful to any hope for long term and sustainable growth of your own business. One often thinks that if where and when you make the decision to go beyond where you are now, to where you want to be isn’t perfect out of the gate you are a failure. I’ve met people who’ve done something well for a long time and were suddenly discovered. Then everyone assumed they came out of nowhere; that their fame happened overnight. Wrong, Mon Amie! They put their time, energy and money along with the sacrifices, hard work, grit, focus and consistent self education into their success without missing any of the steps along the way. So should you.

Avanti. Ciao until next time. Carol

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