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Reading List for Summer 2014

This article is a bit different because I want to give you a Summer Reading List that I think you might enjoy whether you are traveling to a summer program or have chosen to continue working on your own plan of action at home. I haven’t put up a reading list in awhile, so there will no doubt be some books I have mentioned before, but it’s worth reading them again. There may be some conflicting views among these authors on how to accomplish whatever they have to say, but it’s important to read and know others ideas and opinions on many differing subjects to help you hone your own. I hope you will enjoy and I would love to know what you think of these selections. And please, pass on to me any books you have enjoyed as well.

Avanti and ciao until next time. Carol

  • Year of the King, an actor’s diary and sketchbook – Anthony Sher (A wonderfully authentic account of the experience of creating a performance.)
  • Audition Success – Don Greene, PH.D. (Gives musicians a concrete set of skills to achieve the concentrated focus needed in these critical moments.)
  • The Best of You, Winning auditions your way – Craig Wallace (Craig’s no-nonsense approach and love for actors shines through every page of this practical and concise guide to auditioning.)
  • The Obstacle is the Way - Ryan Holiday (The timeless art of turning trials into triumph.)
  • The Open Door – Peter Brook (Thoughts on acting and theatre.)
  • Reading for the Plot – Peter Brook (design and intention in narrative.)
  • Acting for Singers – David Ostwald (Creating believable singing characters.)
  • A Good Talk – Daniel Menaker (The story and skill of conversation.)
  • You Are Enough – David J. Walker (Self explanatory and a great read.)
  • Performing in the Zone – Jon Gorrie (Unleash your true performing potential.)
  • The Empty Voice – Leon Major with Michael Laing (The means to examine characters, plot and the conflicts in any scene in depth.)
  • Aria Ready, The Business of Singing – Carol Kirkpatrick (Gain the personal and business skills and tools needed to build and sustain a singing career.)
  • The Talent Code – Daniel Coyle (The book that explains how talent grows in the brain, and how you can grow more of it.)

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