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The Importance of building a “Personal” Inspiring Library!
Whether you read books online and have a virtual library, or create a hard copy book library, it truly can be your “go-to” for inspiration, solving problems, getting info, etc. I know it can often seem overwhelming as to whose information you should trust and help you make decisions. For me, it is about finding […]
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Reading List for Summer 2014
This article is a bit different because I want to give you a Summer Reading List that I think you might enjoy whether you are traveling to a summer program or have chosen to continue working on your own plan of action at home. I haven’t put up a reading list in awhile, so there […]
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Some Different Ideas That I Thought Might Interest You
In teaching singing, I often come across questions relating to these particular subjects and though maybe others of you might have the same questions and/or suggestions that would be good to share. I think that often, as voice teachers, we don’t talk enough about why it’s important to gain a really solid vocal foundation on […]
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Book List
I love to read. I love mysteries, history, fiction and books that pique my curiosity for learning more about how we do what we do. I know that for me reading can be a real retreat, a time to close out the rest of the world and immerse myself in a different time and place […]
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Summer Reading List
Often, summer is a time when our ordinary day to day schedule changes. You may be traveling to and from a summer program or two, or just seem to have more time on your hands because of the more relaxed schedule at work. May I suggest you use some of this time for reading. There […]
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