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Branding - Who Are You?

Who are you?

Have you ever thought about whether you are consistent in all of your relationships, including the one with yourself? A big part of growing into a young professional is knowing who you are from the inside out and presenting and representing that person all the time no matter the situation or relationship. You ask, “Why is this so important? What difference does it make how I treat my different groups of relationships?” Here is my answer to that question.

It’s hard work to constantly be shifting my personality and behavior to suit my friends, family, colleagues, voice teacher, coaches, conductors, stage directors and anyone else who is in my world. I want to know exactly who I am right this minute, what my values are and how interested I am in presenting them to the world in a consistent manner. No one said this is an easy task, but it is so worth pursuing because being yourself at all times feels good and helps grow your confidence and self worth. It’s a process for sure. You have to be conscious of this journey all the time until you wake up one day and realize you are finally YOU. You are not trying to impress, please, be fearful of, egotistical, trying to change others opinions, etc. You are you without judgment, or caring what others think of you. It’s a challenge for sure! Do you think you’re worth it? Step up and give it a whirl to see how it makes you feel. I’ve never met a perfect human being. We all have flaws, fail, make mistakes, etc. The key factor in all of this is not what you do, but how you do it.

Here’s another thought; it’s so important if you want to have a career to not only represent and present your Personal Brand at all times, but to know you are also are representing your teachers/coaches/accompanist and family brand as well. Social media is a great tool, but please remember that those in the profession looking to hire, do go to your Facebook and tweeter pages to know more about you. So act accordingly. Be yourself for sure, but the self that represents and presents YOUR personal brand. That means being consistent in all of your behavior no matter where you are or what you are doing. The Holiday Season is a great time to put all of what you have learned into practice.

Avanti! And I wish you all good things for this Holiday Season. Carol

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