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Successful New Professional Relationships?

Do you have a process in place for beginning new professional relationships? Often, we have felt wounded by previous teachers, coaches, conductors, etc. so much so, that when we decide to move on, we have no idea how to begin that healing process with someone new. We often cling to the old hurt and wound that is fraught with old habits and emotional hooks even when we are working with someone new. So, I suggest you find the old wound, take a good look at it and start the process of deciding where and how you came to this moment where you are still wounded in the same way even when working with someone new and are beginning to feel more confident and successful. It is at that initial wound where the healing must begin!

Your old hurt feelings, your wound, doesn’t have to go with you into the future. It’s simply a choice and it’s yours alone to figure out. And don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice if you need it. Someone else, be it a professional or friend, might just say something that becomes the key to unlocking that block in the road that’s keeping you from your dream.

Most importantly, you need to find your starting place. The one place that has always stopped you in the past. Once you identify that place in time or space or your body, whichever it is for you... you can truly start your journey with purpose and clarity. You will find and own your own voice. Not just your singing voice or speaking voice. But the true voice of your Being. Or would you rather do what you have always done by finding someone else to fill your "old" relationship, who will just take your money, waste your time and un-focus your energy?


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