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Hidden Rules of the Professional World of Performance

How do you prepare to be “part of the process” when you are hired to do a role? It is just a job after all, not a popularity contest or a stage for a pity party when things go wrong. Going to do a job, means you are thoroughly prepared in every aspect of your mind, body and spirit. The better you know how you tick, what your self-sabotage triggers are and how to handle them, how to deal with others in a professional manner if they want to intimidate or bully you even if it is the conductor or stage director, plus how to handle any subtle or even aggressive unwanted physical attention from others, is of paramount importance. You have to go prepared by having some already worked out dialogue for supporting your position that is not just a reaction but you taking action on your behalf in a way that lets others know where you stand without it becoming emotional or personal.

So, know that doing your job is not just about singing beautifully. Certainly, it is part of the package, but knowing how to handle yourself in differing circumstances and venues is also very important. Your job is to put butts in seats, go to the gig knowing your music, words, character and having that all down cold, plus winning the hearts and minds of not only the audience, but your colleagues, the staff, and those who hired you to perform and to help them sell their product.

You need to stay out of any company politics, and get along with everyone. Doesn't that sound like a job in and of itself? You bet, but that is also being a professional no matter what business you are in. It’s never personal or emotional. It’s about you doing your job to the best of your ability, right this minute, right now, right where you are vocally as you tell your story through your character. Sure you will make mistakes and occasionally even fall of the horse, but you need to have the self assurance and confidence in your own brand to get right back on and continue to do your job.

Know that the first few times you do a new role or do your first professional jobs, you will have doubts and insecurities. We have all been there and done that; you are not the lone ranger here. But remember, those that get rehired are the ones that work at creating and maintaining strong professional relationships, are great colleagues, and work to help build a powerful performance that brings success not only to you, but to the company you are working for.

So spend some time working with your inner “Brat”, that voice that talks to you in your head usually in a not so nice tone, and any family, friend or foe issues so you can continue to grow your brand as you move forward. It’s just a job, but it’s your job, so do it well!!

Avanti and ciao until next time. Carol

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