As you get ready and are finishing preparations for your Summer Program, take a moment to review both new and older skills and tools you have built into your career foundation that you want to take with you. You will want to have a secure place to come from when something doesn’t go the way you think it should. A faulty career foundation might easily crack at the most inopportune time leaving you surprised and in the dark as to what just happened and how best to handle it. However, when you remember you are at this program with an agenda as to what you want to learn, (perhaps hoping to have the opportunity to work with a specific coach or voice teacher, getting better at networking and adding more names to your A List and even learning more tools and skills to add to your career foundation), it gives you confidence. But you have to go prepared, not only musically, and vocally, but as a business person. This is your job.

Once you do have a solid career foundation the learning doesn’t stop. You continue to grow your voice, talent, craft, your tools and skills in all areas including your business savvy. Networking becomes a way of life and you become fierce in your focus of what’s important and which building block might need to be reinforced or adjusted to move you forward. It takes focus, dedication, consistency. Because of that, sometimes others might say you are being selfish or self-absorbed. But that is often said of anyone who, especially in the beginning of their career process, wants to get that solid foundation under them. It means you are giving all of your attention to that moment and the world calls that being present and awake.

Being present and awake is the key foundation block for all that you do in your life. Not off in your head being worried and fearful about things that “might happen,” or just don’t matter.

I believe that often others are a bit jealous that someone has the ability to completely tune the rest of the world out when spending time working on a their career building blocks. The trick to making your life balanced is to give that same kind of “being very present” to each activity and relationship you are experiencing at any given moment. This allows for and gives you the ability to live your whole life out loud and on purpose, each and every moment experiencing the good, the bad and even the ugly, making choices about how you do what you do all along your way.

Avanti! Now that you know what I think, I want to know to hear from you about what you think.

Until next time, Ciao,


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