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Category Archives: Auditioning

Is This a Miracle or a Well Deserved Outcome?

April 1, 2007

Nathan got the call that he had made the finals of the Met Auditions which would take place in NYC in April. He immediately thought to himself, “This is a miracle!” and then started worrying that maybe he wasn’t really ready for this level of competition. It then occurred to him that he had actually || Continue »

Audition Arias – Etiquette – Rules-of-Thumb

June 1, 2006

Kerry was finally getting her technique down and started looking at arias to audition with. Her teacher was helping her with the selection, but Kerry felt it was important to only present arias from operas where she knew the complete role. Her thinking was that she might be hired right away to perform the role, || Continue »

Audition Techniques

April 1, 2005

Susan was a little late, but ready for the audition. She was in great vocal shape; she had her interpretation down and felt she had created a great overall package to present when she sang for the people at the audition. As she entered the waiting area, she stopped to say hello and chat with || Continue »


Aria Ready