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“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”

— Vera Nazarian

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The Interpretation of French Song

by Pierre Bernac

This is a great resource for interpreting French poetry and its musical setting. It includes some very in-depth discussions on French language rules, insights into the metaphors found in the poetry, and a few very good translations of common texts.

The Open Door

by Peter Brook

This is an amazing book about acting technique and the process of giving the character the space to live freely in the “larger than life” world of theater. It pertains to acting directly but many of the concepts are great for singing technique as well!

Francis Poulenc: The Man and His Songs (2nd Edition)

by Pierre Bernac

This is an amazingly in-depth reference about the wonderful songs of Poulenc, written by his close friend and collaborator, Pierre Bernac. It includes a ton of valuable information for use when preparing his music for performance, including interesting tidbits and historical context to share with the audience.

Energy Medecine

by Donna Eden

If you’re into acupuncture and other types of energy healing, you’ll love this book. It’s very thorough and I feel a huge difference with almost all of the techniques she describes. If you search for her name on YouTube you’ll find a bunch of videos of her demonstrating them too, which is helpful.

The Inner Voice

by Renée Fleming

Renee Fleming’s autobiography “The Inner Voice” is a fascinating view into the incredible journey of arguably the most famous living soprano. It’s well-written and inspiring, and she gives some fabulous advice regarding how to conduct yourself like a professional while also being approachable.

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