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Belong to the Music

How many singers continually neglect to take the time to put the music into the voice before they stand up and perform? It seems there is more and more instant performing than ever. This process seems to be a lost art. I find it so helpful to take a new piece of music or an opera score and play my part over and over again on the piano until I have it in my ear. Then I translate and memorize the words separate from the music. Next I start the actual singing process by taking one phrase at a time and work it into my voice. Once I have connected what I have in my ear to my voice, I sing a phrase over and over again, about 5 – 6 times in a row, making small corrections as needed until it starts becoming memorized by my entire body and instrument. Next I add words to the phrase and do the same process, phrase by phrase. It’s amazing how quickly one can memorize a piece by using this method of mindful and deliberate practice. Next step is, using both mindful/deliberate practice and mindful/deliberate performance to hone my storytelling as I keep my vocal technique intact. From this position with every mindful/deliberate practice time and performance, I continue to go deep into my character and my relationships to the other characters in the piece. For me, the results are, I get better at doing my job of storytelling.

Educator Eduardo Briceno, creator of, “Mindset Works”, teaches that most folks think our intelligence is innate and that if we can’t do something from that point of view, then it’s just not meant to be and we shouldn’t try to learn what doesn’t work easily for each of us. He also says that when we start using the power of mindset, we can narrow that achievement gap and equalize opportunities for ourselves by learning new Strategies and Tactics. This means what we once looked at as possibly some seemingly unthinkable achievement or difficult task can become an opportunity for growth, and brain stimulation. This allows us to become empowered.

I challenge you to put this into practice. Perform not from memory but from instinct.  Have a  piece so embedded in your cells that you perform on instinct from deep within. In other words, belong to the music, words and story. If you choose to take up this challenge, I want to hear from you.

Ciao until next time.

- Carol

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