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A New Chapter in the Aria Ready Journey

Each of us is responsible for passing on to the next generation of singers the accumulated information, skills, and tools that we have learned from our own experiences, as well as from those who came before us.

Carol Kirkpatrick

Twenty years ago, the first edition of “AriaReady: The Business of Singing” was written by Carol Kirkpatrick. It was created as a workbook, resource, and guide for aspiring singers. It was an instant success. Ten years later, she expanded upon her work, and the second edition also became a best-seller.

Carol's original goal for the AriaReady books and courses we created to support them was twofold: First, she wanted to create a 'Living Company,' an ongoing resource for young singers. She wanted to give emerging singers the 'helping hand' she didn't have when her career began. This was the driving force behind everything Aria Ready!

Unfortunately, Carol passed away from a pulmonary condition called IPF. As her husband and her business partner for nearly four decades, I was devastated. Even so, a few hours before she passed, I promised her I would do my best to finish what she had started by updating and repositioning AriaReady to be passed down to the next generation of singers. With the encouragement of a few of Carol’s successful former students and the support of many more, we are ready to take the first tangible step toward keeping that promise.

So, today, I’m proud to share our vision for AriaReady's future. But, this time… as AriaReady 2.0. AR2.0 will be from an entirely different Point Of View. From a brand new perspective. This time, we will share the AriaReady process from her students' perspective: Today’s successful singers who worked directly, one-on-one with Carol!

We are going to release AriaReady 2.0 in three acts. Act One will be the launch of our new website—which is happening today, on what would have been Carol's birthday, January 6th, 2024. We will continue to offer all three forms of Carol’s book and share testimonials from working singers who have used the AriaReady process. Remember, Carol created everything directly related to the voice or the specifics of singing. But we built all the career & life tools and skills together. So, I know this work and the process it represents intimately. Carol and I taught these workshops and bootcamps for over a decade when we lived in NYC.

Act Two will follow shortly, and it’s still a bit of a surprise to be announced later. A work in process, if you will. But I can tell you this… “You’ll be delighted to hear it!”

Act Three will be the updated rework of all the workshops and Bootcamps. And this time, they’ll be available for you online! If you are or intend to be, a working opera singer, you will not want to miss the opportunity to access the most significant announcement in the history of AriaReady. To be sure you don't miss it, I would highly recommend subscribing to the AriaReady Newsletter, where we will be announcing it first to the AriaReady Community:

Our life-changing approach to the “business of singing” has a 20-year proven track record, as you will soon hear from many of today's singers who worked one-on-one with Carol and have incorporated the AriaReady tools and skills into their careers and lives.

After our first year of business as AriaReady 2.0, and every year after that, we will evaluate how the company is doing. If it has paid for itself, we will create grants for singers to ensure you have the skills, tools, and funding to fulfill your dreams. Thus completing Carol’s second goal for AriaReady.

I would like to reiterate what Carol says in the introduction to the 2nd edition of her book…

“I hope my book and our courses help inspire you to begin the process of knowing the person inside the singer so that you will be ready to confidently continue your journey. First, you are the apprentice, then the mentor. The insights and experiences gained from actively performing and pursuing a singing career are not readily available in any virtual world, book, or class.”

“My philosophy is that each of us is responsible for passing on to the next generation of singers the accumulated information, skills, and tools that we have learned from our own experiences, as well as from those who came before us.”

Carol Kirkpatrick, ARIAREADY: The Business of Singing, 2nd Ed.

We hope that you continue this tradition of passing on the knowledge that you have had the privilege of gaining from those who came before you, along with the lessons you have learned from personal experience to those coming after you.

And so, the journey begins anew…

As Carol was so fond of saying… ”Avanti!”

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