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ARIAREADY: The Business of Singing

Carol Kirkpatrick's critically-acclaimed career guide for singers, now available in Softcover, PDF, and Amazon Kindle.
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Preparing for a career in any specialized field is an important process, and Opera is no exception. The transition from aspiring artist to the professional world of singing is often filled with doubts, insecurities, and stumbling blocks because the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for this journey may have only been peripherally studied and talked about during your schooling.

Understanding who you are, how you're wired, and what lies ahead are your first steps toward building your career. Is this a profession you are willing to take seriously, and make many sacrifices for? If you choose to become part of this amazing industry, you will find it is a matter of hard work, commitment, and assertive persistence that better prepares you for the exciting adventures ahead as you move toward your goal of achieving success.

The question is... Are ya' ready?


Tosca, from Puccini's opera, holds a pair of burning candles over the dead body of Scarpia in a stage production.
Photo © Anyul Rivas (Modified).
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Awaken Your Power + Potential

Being a professioinal singer takes guts.

Rejection stings after you've gone out and done something as vulnerable as baring your voice and soul in front of a few important people judging whether you're good enough at it to deserve a paycheck. Who knows, maybe you didn't sing well enough, but the thing is, maybe you did.

It's no secret that, while a solid vocal technique is absolutely paramount, success in this field demands so much more. Many essential skills have nothing to do with singing, and often, traditional singer training doesn't emphasize them enough, or even teach them at all. This leaves countless singers stuck in a whirlwind of uncertainty, feeling awkward and frantic as they scramble between gigs to figure out how to be taken seriously and make a good impression.

Do you truly know how to present yourself and professionally connect with those you meet? If you want to gain an edge in this competitive field, you need to be able to:

Manage yourself

It's nothing personal, it's just business. Learn to avoid common pitfalls and build a solid roadmap toward where you want to be.

Effortlessly communicate

Relationships are everything in this industry. Learn to relate to others ways that they easily understand, and how to make them feel fully understood.

Know yourself

Leverage your own unique ways of processing information so you can more easily be prepared, memorized, expressive, and constantly aligned with your own Personal Brand.

Master your craft

And, most importantly, be good at what you do.

Learn From Legends

AriaReady was originally founded by Carol Kirkpatrick—a legend in her own right as a renowned dramatic soprano, voice teacher, and mentor whose personal lineage of mentorship descended directly from some of the greatest teachers and conductors in operatic history.

After forging a successful singing career, Carol wrote her bestselling book and developed a series of masterclasses in which she taught the secrets of success she collected while mingling with legendary masters in the worlds of both opera and business—skills and tools that are rarely combined in universities, yet form the foundation of how history's greatest singers made it to the top.

Carol departed this world at the end of 2021, leaving behind a treasure trove of wisdom. Soon, for the first time, this unbroken chain of powerful instruction will be made available in an online format by those who worked directly with her, sharing the incredible skills, tools, and knowledge she passed down to them, continuing her work of holistically developing not just the voice, but the entire singer, person, and spirit in AriaReady 2.0.

  • What is your motivational style and how can you leverage it?
  • How do you define and live by your Personal Brand?
  • What are effective ways to manage negative self-talk and confidence?
  • What's the real secret of charismatic stars who can command attention when they enter the room or stage?
  • How do you properly and professionally prepare your resume for an audition?
Arturo Toscanini, circa 1950
Arturo Toscanini
Leonard Bernstein's headshot, black and white photo, close up.
Leonard Bernstein
Portrait of Herbert Grossman, a middle-aged, bearded man formally-dressed in a classic tuxedo.
Herbert Grossman
Carol Kirkpatrick
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Master Your Foundation:

The Four Cornerstones of the AriaReady Process
A solid and consistently dependable vocal technique.
Knowing who you are, from the inside out.
Having a destination and a solid plan to get there.
Maintaining personal accountability in all areas of your life.

Step 1: Get The Book

Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you believe in? How can you get out of your own way and get to where you want to be? Change is inevitable, so what tools and skills do you need to help you clear your path to living your dream?

Now in its Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition, ARIAREADY: The Business of Singing explains the foundational building blocks of a successful career. Before you can make a plan, you need to know the goal. Get your copy now to learn how you can begin to develop skills and tools that will help you get on-track and stay there.

Carol Kirkpatrick’s ARIA READY: The Business of Singing is a remarkable book filled with tremendous insight, humor, and real world advice that is easily accessible, immediately practical, and frankly indispensable. I consider it to be essential reading for all singers, and I am thankful that Carol’s voice continues to be such a prominent one in our industry.

JAMES MARVEL, Stage Director
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Step 2: Delve Deeper

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