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Voice Lessons

Lessons are generally available in 1-hour blocks on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday only. Please contact Carol regarding availability before making your purchase.

Mine is a holistic approach to the process of singing that allows all the parts to work in tandem without any interference and is consistent with and often called “bel canto” singing. I believe there are only two things a singer can be in control of: first and foremost, air pressure and second, the space in which the physics of sound occur. This means first creating the space in which the physics of sound occur, and is what we call “an open throat”, taking an inhale on the vowel “awe” as you feel the ribs in the upper back expand and then without changing anything, releasing the “awe” vowel as noise. Like striking a match, this ignites sound and engages air pressure all at the same time.



I believe that the thinking brain is a lovely tool, but it doesn’t know how to sing. Singing comes from the intrinsic right side of the brain that runs all our automatic pilot programs like: your eyes blinking, your spleen doing whatever a spleen does, and also the elegant gymnastics of your voice box when given the proper setting.

There is only one proper way to create a solid foundation for singing, so find the teacher with whom you have great rapport, respect and understanding to take you through this learning process so you only have to master it once to have a solid vocal technique for the rest of your life. The alternative is to suffer a lifetime of doubt and useless vocal “fixes”.

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